Author: CommonScents

Using Deer Scents Early in the Season

Key strategies when using deer scents during early season.

Deer season is officially here! Common Scents had a booth last weekend at the Northern Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days and we received a lot of questions on when and how to use Common Scents.  We like to look at the season in four different stages: Early season, pre-rut, rut, and post-rut. All of them have different strategies to effectively use Common Scents deer urine.

Today we will be focusing on using deer urine early in the season.


Early Season

Deer urine used during early season can be useful to reassure deer as they move through an area that the area is safe, and all is well. Stay away from estrous scents this time of the year, you’ll only spook deer, as they will know that isn’t natural for this time of the year. Hunters want to use natural smells this time of the year.

Just as a reminder, using deer urine in the early season is more of a curiosity tool.


  • Put some Common Scents on your boots before heading out to your stand.

  • Use a scent dripper and strategically place it in front of a trail camera.

  • Use scent drippers and hang in a tree, the higher the better, in order to disperse the scent.